Overwhelmed by all the types of yoga mats out there? Not sure how to narrow down the choices to the best one for you? Whether you’re new to down dog or a seasoned yogi, check out our Editor’s Picks to help you select the best yoga mat:

Best Premium Yoga Mat:

The Manduka Black Mat PRO is called the Rolls Royce of yoga mats for good reason. It is longer and wider than most yoga mats, with very dense cushioning. If you need extra protection for your knees, this is the mat for you. It has a price tag to match its moniker, but with a lifetime guarantee, you only need to buy it once, making it ultimately cheaper than buying a low-end mat every few years. On the downside, it can take a while to break it in, but Manduka gives you inversion table reviews on how to speed the process.SPECIAL OFFER: For 10% off your purchase on Manduka.com, use MASSON10 as your coupon code during checkout.


Best Eco Yoga Mat:

Hands down, the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is the best eco yoga mat out there. Made of natural rubber, it is slip resistant, cushiony and thick enough to lay flat. It’s also reversible, so it lasts longer. Some yogis are bothered by the initial rubber smell, but it wears off after airing the mat out for a few days. Editor’s disclosure: I’ve been practicing on this yoga mat for more than five years now and love it! The rubber smell never bothered me.


Best Travel Yoga Mat:

Most travel yoga mats are lighter versions of regular mats, but the Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat clocks in at just two pounds and can be rolled or folded right into your suitcase. It was likely inspired by Gaiam’s travel yoga mat, but has Manduka’s trademark grippiness.SPECIAL OFFER: For 10% off on best treadmill for home, use MASSON10 as your coupon code during checkout.