I started Yoga Consumer Reports because I was tired of practicing yoga on yoga mats that were as sticky as a slip ‘n’ slide and as supportive as a paper towel. Every yogi knows that a bad yoga mat can turn Down Dog into a treacherous undertaking, while a great yoga mat can give you stability and confidence during your practice. My goal is that Yoga Consumer Reports will help yogis never buy a bad yoga mat again!

At Yoga Consumer Reports, the model is simple: The yoga mat companies provide descriptions and details of the mats, and actual customers, like you, provide the reviews. The more reviews there are, the more informed we’ll all be the next time we need to buy a yoga mat.

To avoid being influenced by any yoga mat company, Yoga Consumer Reports doesn’t accept advertising. No ads are shown on the site, and no yoga mat company can pay us to have their mat listed higher, or to remove negative reviews. To cover the cost of developing and maintaining this website, we do add referral IDs to the links to the manufacturers’ websites if they have a referral program. But, we also feature yoga mats made by companies that don’t have referral programs.

Feel free to leave a review of any yoga mat you’ve used and, if you’ve found this website helpful, please tell your friends about it.